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Rs. 1200 Per Sq. Yd.
1 /6
Plot Size : 1200/1500
Project Type: Organic Farms
Everyone wants to live a healthy life. However, increasing pollution has made it just a dream for many. We understand the unrest caused by this environment in your life. That is why we are offering this opportunity to help you own a farmhouse in Vrindavan.
With this decision, you can get access to clean air, clean water, and overall a healthy life.
We are offering you to own farmland in the holy city, situated Just behind GLA University. You just need to make a decision and start a new life here.
The location is suitable to lead a healthy life while staying connected to the world.
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About Project 
White organic Farms is an initiative by the White Group India to help people build their dream house in Vrindavan with Organic Plantation. We did our research and created this farmland at the premium location in Vrindavan, considering all the requirements of a person. Hence, you can take part in this initiative and book a farmhouse to start a better life today.
Here are some Feature & Attraction of this project:

Get a Jogging Track in your farmland 
Lemon/ Guava/ Pomegranate/Gooseberry (As Per your choice)
Personal Boring/ Hand Pump
Swimming Pool (Optional & Chargeable)
Electricity Up to Pole
Cemented Road
Boundary wall Bricks (Optional & Chargeable)
Wire fencing Each Farm
Free maintenance Up to Possession
Designer Entrance Gate / Gated Entry
Payment in Easy Installment   
Invest in Farmhouse to get better returns
Get it financed with our services
Opportunity to start vegetation at your own farm 
Why Choose “White Organic Farms”?
White Organic Farms is an excellent opportunity to get a farmhouse at affordable rates. With this project, you can start a new life in Vrindavan while staying away from the pollution of other cities. Additionally, it works as an amazing place to spend your weekend.

Hence, your investment is completely utilized in all the ways.

 Here are a few highlights of this project:
Affordable Prices: White Organic Farms comes with some of the most affordable prices to own a farmhouse. Additionally, it has the potential to give some amazing returns in the coming few years. Hence, it works as an excellent opportunity to make some money while enjoying your weekends.

Premium Location: You can own a farmhouse in the most premium location of Vrindavan. It is just behind GLA University 1 KM away from the NH-2 and is well connected with other cities. Additionally, you get all the education, hospital, and legal facilities within walking distance.
Distance from Site (Approximately)

Just 1 KM Distance from National Highway-2
Just Behind GLA University
Just 3 KM from Chhatikada Mode
Just 4 KM from Prem Mandir (Vrindavan)
Just 4 KM from the World tallest Chandraoday Mandir
Just 7 KM from Shree Bankey Bihari Mandir
Just 5 KM from ISCON temple
Just 4 KM from K.D Medical College
Just 4 KM from Delhi Public School
Just 4 KM from Purposed Theme Park
Just 21 KM from Yamuna Expressway
Just 50 KM from Purposed Jewar Airport
Just 60 KM from Purposed film City
Freehold Land with Pucci Registry & Mutation 

Why Invest in Vrindavan?

The beauty of Vrindavan does not need an introduction. It attracts thousands of tourists every day to feel its beauty and calmness. It’s not limited to the tourists as it has a fair share of devotees as well. With numerous Ghats and holistic places, Vrindavan has been a part of a better life.

 In the last few years, people have seen the potential of this city and are relocating here at a rapid speed. People from Delhi and all other places are coming here to start a soothing and healthy life. With the pace at which Vrindavan is attracting home seekers, it is going to be one of the best places to invest.
The holy temples and the Yamuna River makes it an excellent place to live. Some people have realized it and investing here to start a new life. However, understanding the true potential of this beautiful city at the right time can make all the difference.
Here are a few reasons to Invest in White Organic Farms Vrindavan:
-The twin cities of Mathura & Vrindavan, traditionally steeped in Krishna Consciousness. Not only they draw devotee by thousands but also attract home seekers who want to own houses for a peaceful tranquil life without roaming on the need of modern amenities.
-Because of the Situation in Delhi - NCR, the people now wish to set foot on Vrindavan in the search of peace & contentment. The presence of several "Ghats" along the Yamuna with beautiful temple makes it a good Holiday Destinations as well
-It is not just the native with the Property Prices at a minimum in recent years even tourists visiting Mathura & Vrindavan are looking at these cities with the perspective on investing in Land & Plots
-No wonder that the Ares in these cities is poised for a big boom in the coming years. Property experts say that the tourists, especially the international tourists who come here want to stay & live for a lifetime.
-Vrindavan is a city of holiness, Spirituality, Sanctity & Place of creator of the Universe. A place which had been a play Ground of Lord Krishna

 -Vrindavan is going to introduce the world’s tallest 71 Storey Chandrodaya Mandir
-The project site is just 1KM away from NH-2
-Vrindavan falls in the smart city campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
-Jewar Airport-Facilities are proposed near Vrindavan
-Just Behind GLA University
-Proposed Metro.
-Shri Brahma Kumar Swami Ji is going to build 30 tons (GOLD) golden temple in chaumuha -(Vrindavan)
-ISKCON is going to build International Gurukul in Aajhai.
-Purposed Theme Park in Akbarpur (Vrindavan)

Project Video:

Price : Rs. 1200 Per Sq. Yd.

Budget-Friendly Project
Farmland available at a budget-friendly price: Constructing your farmhouse on the farmland of White Organic Farms is going to be very affordable and will perfectly fit your budget. Freehold property along with close location to daily necessities of life makes it perfect.

How To Pay:
At the time of booking:  05% of Total Cost  (B.S.P)
At the time of Allotment: 10% of Total Cost (B.S.P)
At the time of Registry:   45 % of Total Cost (B.S.P)
18 interest-free Installments: 40% of Total Cost (B.S.P)
(Will commence from just next months from the Registry)

Special for You
 We understand that relocating and starting a new life can be a challenging task. That is the reason why we offer our easy monthly installments to help you pay your home loan. Additionally, we offer numerous services to help you get assured returns on your purchase.
 With such affordable prices, we aim to help you register a Farmhouse at the right time in Vrindavan.
 Here are the special offers made for you:
 Easy Installments: Repay your finance loan in easy installments. All you need is to choose a plot and get it financed with our exclusive services.
 Assured returns: The location of the project has the potential to give high returns in the next few years. Hence, you get an amazing place to live while increasing your investments at the same time.
 Healthy Environment: If you are a work from home employee, then there is no better place than Vrindavan to enjoy your life. Additionally, the NH-2 is just 1KM away from your dream house.
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